Vitorgan: More National Festivals Are Needed
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Vitorgan: More National Festivals Are Needed

6 September 2018

A press-conference with a Soviet and Russian actor Emmanuil Vitorgan and his wife Irina Vitorgan was held in Tatar-Inform within the framework of the 14th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.


‘How wonderful that there is such an opportunity to meet and learn something new, to share ideas and experience. I am grateful for the invitation to the festival to have an opportunity to meet many film industry members’, said the actor.

At the opening ceremony held recently in Pyramida Complex, Emmanuil Vitorgan performed a song ‘We are all actors in this life’ based on the poem by Jeanne Dantseva. He highlighted that there is nothing kinder than such activities, where people of different cultural backgrounds come together to share their views.


‘We witness in this festival a great organization. This element is hard to find in many other festivals. However, the most important thing here is goodwill of people. I think this reflects the mentality and education of people participating in the festival. The Kazan Muslim Film Festival is a vivid example of an event, where one could gain new knowledge and skills, including spectators, professionals, actors and directors. I believe that there is a strong need to establish more national festivals such this’, added Irina Vitorgan.


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