Application form

for participation in the competitive selection of the film projects pitching within the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival

Before applying, read the rules.

Participant data
Contact phone number
Date of birth
Name of the script
Script information
1. For participation in the competitive selection of the pitching one should send:
a) Brief synopsis of the submitted script (synopsis, but not an abstract i.e. it should include the end of the story).
b) In case this script is completed, the whole text of the script
c) Completed application form (for a list of questions, see below).

Send the materials to the following address info@kazan-mfmk.com Sending us the application, You confirm that you have read the privacy policy published on the web-site www.kazan-mfmk.com and the terms of conducting the competition and agree that the process of reviewing this application with all its applications, including business correspondence with the author will be conducted within these terms.
2. Write down “logline” in the gap or “formula” of the story – compressed retelling of the story, not exceeding 3 sentences in length.
3. Enumerate several references – existing films of TV series, which you can call as your guidelines during the writing of this story.
4. With which region of the Russian Federation, foreign country do you plan to co-produce this film.
5. Tell about yourself in a free form. If you are going to work as a co-author, provide the data of all authors. Enumerate the films in the production of which you participated (if you have such).