The15th Kazan Film Festival: 55 shortlisted films
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The15th Kazan Film Festival: 55 shortlisted films

29 March 2019

The shortlist of the competition programme of the 15th Kazan Film Festival, which will be held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan from April 24 to April 30, 2019, was announced. It includes 55 films: 10 full length feature, 10 short feature, 10 full length documentaries, 10 short documentaries and 15 films produced in Tatarstan or by Tatarstan filmmakers that are competing in the special National Competition nomination.

The geographical scope of the shortlisted films is even broader comparing to previous editions of the festival and includes several European countries (France, Germany, Serbia, Portugal, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Russia, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Armenia), the USA, Turkey, Iran as well as several countries of South Asia (Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh) and Africa (Kenya, Morocco, Egypt).

It is necessary to highlight that three films produced in Tatarstan has entered the competition programme: Baigal by Ildar Yagafarov in full length feature, Overtime by Leyla Salakhatdinova in short feature and Shihab Hazrat by Salavat Yuzeev in full length documentary.

The shortlist of the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival is available on the official web-site:

Kazan Muslim Film Festival has been held in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia since 2005. The festival is founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Mayor of Kazan and the Council of Muftis of Russia and organised by Tatarkino. The festival programme focuses on Russian and international films promoting the ideas of tolerance, peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue regardless any religion affiliations. The festival motto is ‘Through the dialogue of cultures - to the culture of dialogue’.