The program “The Turkic world” of KIMFF includes seven foreign and three Russian films
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The program “The Turkic world” of KIMFF includes seven foreign and three Russian films

3 August 2022

A vivid accent of the non-competition program of the XVIII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will be section “The Turkic world”. Traditionally, the program will combine outstanding examples of cinematography of the Turkic-speaking nations.

According to the film expert, member of the selection committee of the festival Svetlana Slapke, the uniqueness of this program is that famous masters – representatives of the largest cinematographic countries like Turkey, Kazakhstan will meet on its territory with young but gaining strength cinematographers from the Turkic-speaking regions like Yakutia or Tatarstan.

“They are united by common roots, religion and language similarity. That is why it is easier for them not only in terms of language comprehension, but to understand deeper the aesthetics and stylistics of artistic expression of the cinema language, based on national traditions and the common Turkic national epic”, Svetlana Slapke assures.

She pointed out that the range of themes can be extend – from literary epic to the problems of current interest. This year’s feature is that there is no film on historic topic. Even Yakut cinema, which has been successful in the historical and epic genre is represented by the film “Dzulur mas wrestling” about sport”, notes Slapke.

Besides, two Tatarstan films showing diversity and range of interests of Tatarstan cinematographers are included in the program. “Farid Bikchantaev. In search of freedom” – is about the main director of the most important Tatar theatre, an intellectual based on national roots. “The biggest Tatar village in the world” shows the love and devotedness of ethnic Tatars to their language, culture and national traditions outside their historical motherland.

“Fire” film from Kazakhstan gained awards at large festivals represents an example of art-house film with the potential of wide release. “The Road to Eden” from Kyrgyzstan – is a beautifully shot film with a calm rhythm about the meaning of life, reflections and hesitations of an adult person, making conclusions.

Uzbek film “Meros (“Heritage”) introduces the Uzbekistan national customs and traditions to the audience. The whole program “The Turkic world” can be found at the link:

The XVIII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will take place from September 7 to 11 with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and in the partnership with the strategic vision group “Russia – Islamic world”.