The opening film of the 15th Kazan Film Festival: Imam Abu Isa Muhammad Termizy
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The opening film of the 15th Kazan Film Festival: Imam Abu Isa Muhammad Termizy

24 April 2019

The opening film of the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival, Imam Abu Isa Muhammad Termizy (Uzbekistan) was screened today in Riviera Cinema. The screening was concluded by a creative meeting with the director of this work, Abdukhalil Mignarov, and the producer, Nasrulla Sagdulayev.

‘This screening became possible thanks to the experience of the executive director of the festival, Milyausha Aytuganova and a member of the selection committee, Sergey Anashkin. When the festival administration contacted me, the film was not even ready. But I am very happy that I completed the work. In Kazan, I hear a lot of positive feedback’, shared his impressions Abduhalil Mignarov.

He admitted that the film was not easy to produce also due to certain difficulties in collecting background information from different sources. However, Abduhalil Mignarov highlighted that the film is not a fantasy, whereas its plot is based on historic accounts and hadiths. In addition, consultants and experts in the field of Hadith were also involved in the production.

The film tells about the childhood, youth and maturity of Imam Abu Isa Muhammad Thermizy, the author of the As-Sunan Hadith. The protagonist goes through a long and difficult life in the search for Hadith. This is the path of the sage without loss and deprivation. Since the film covers a huge period of the hero's life, the role of Thermizy was played by Abdulla Sadriddinov in childhood, Donier Hafizov in his youth and adulthood and the director of the film Abduhalil Migarov in old age. The film takes place in the 9th century. It is believed that this was the time of the development of science and education, as well as the heyday of Hadith studies.

Kazan was lucky to watch the film first, as the world premiere of the film took place in the capital of Tatarstan.

The 15th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will last until April 30. Every day, as part of the festival, free screenings of films are held at the Mir and Riviera Cinema. The timetable of the screenings is available at the official website of the festival: