16 Tatarstan Films Participating in the Competition Programme of the 14th Kazan Film Festival
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16 Tatarstan Films Participating in the Competition Programme of the 14th Kazan Film Festival

25 August 2018

16 films created by Tatarstan directors entered different sections of the competition programme of the 14th Kazan Muslim Film Festival. The competition programme of the festival that will be held from 4 to 10 September 2018 has 65 films selected from 967 entries from 56 countries. 

Mullah by Ramil Fazliyev and Amir Galiaskarov entered the main section of the competition programme devoted to full length feature films. This film along with Clay Pit (by Vera Glagoleva, Russia) as well as other works from Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China and Kazakhstan will compete for the awards on best directing acting, scriptwriting and camera work.

Native Home by Amir Galiaskarov and Nasur Yulbashaev entered the Young Russia competition section devoted to the works by emerging Russian directors.

The competition programme of the festival will also have a special National Competition section. The section established recently has 15 different films focused on Tatarstan or created by Tatarstan film makers: Yau by Aydar Gabdrahmanov; Gulnazek: The Winner of Divas by Elena Ermolina; To Finish Watching the Dreams for My Dad by Ramil Khadiullin; Light of Faith by Marsel Makhmutov and Rafil Galimullin, Why I Am Doing This by Alesha; Personal File of Fikryat Tabeev by Yuri Gvozd; Triptych by Zufar Khairullin; Age of Tatarstan by Sergey Kiatrov; Home by Daniil Fayzrakhmanov; Working Moment by Vlada Vasilyeva; Quran: From Sending Down till Publication in Kazan by Amir Gataullin; Up To the First Floor by Alexander Shirmanov; Five Answers to the Bottom by Rudolf Khaynurov; and Orphans by Nuraniya Zamaleeva. One of the films is Chistopol. Moments of the Life of This Town by a Russian director Galina Dolmatovskaya has been selected to the National Competition section, as it is dedicated to one of the towns located in Tatarstan.