Rachid Ferchiou: I Call to Communicate with Each Other Finding Common Grounds
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Rachid Ferchiou: I Call to Communicate with Each Other Finding Common Grounds

11 September 2018

A meeting with a Tunisian director Rachid Ferchiu was held within the framework of the14th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival after the screening of his film Me China Doll.


‘Our guests were surprised by the appearance of Rashid Ferchiou at the festival. They did not understand how we managed to bring this star of greatest magnitude to Kazan', said the director of the festival Milyausha Aytuganova, introducing the guest.

‘I was the first person in Tunisia to open a window to Europe through my works. Then, my focus switched to China. I was told that this country is difficult to work with. Well, there were some difficulties, but we had come to a consensus and released this film. As a result, Me China Doll was screened in over 3000 cinemas in China’, said Ferchiuo.


The film tells the story of a Tunisian singer, who lost her father 22 years ago. She finds out that her father is alive, and moreover, is helping Interpol in solving international crimes. A woman goes to China to find her father hiding from his pursuers.

‘The main idea was that it is not religion that makes life difficult, it is politics. Religion brings love, tolerance and friendliness. I appeal to communicate with each other finding common grounds, so we would be friendly and our countries will not fight any more, staying in peace’, said the director.


The guest also announced that a possible cooperation between Tatarstan and Tunisia are now discussed with the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov: 'I have been in Tatarstan before. If I had not like my previous visits, I would have never returned here. I hope to present one more work at the festival in two years. See you soon!’.

The photo report of the event is available here