Over 180 journalists from 11 Countries Work at the Kazan Muslim Film Festival
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Over 180 journalists from 11 Countries Work at the Kazan Muslim Film Festival

11 September 2018

The organising committee of the Kazan International Festival of Muslim Film in Kazan announces that 183 journalists from 80 media, including 30 Federal and international media, are currently covering the work of the 14th edition of the festival.

International media representatives include the following news agencies: Russia Today, Anadolu (Turkey), IRNA (Iran), Sputnik (Tajikistan), Kazinform (Kazakhstan), Kabar (Kyrgyzstan) and others. Moreover, special correspondents of Associated Press, the State Television and Radio Company of Iran, Echebab-El Djazairi (Algeria), Turkiston Press (Uzbekistan) are also covering the events of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival.

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Federal media is represented by the journalists from the Russian Newspaper, Izvestiya, Echo of Moscow, Cinema&Theathre, Cinema Business, Proficinema, Art of Cinema, Poster, CinemaPoster and others.

Over 50 publications in international media are devoted to the Kazan Muslim Film Festival-2018 (the majority of publications are in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh). Over 200 publications on the 14th edition of the festival are in Russian and Tatar languages.

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`These numbers indicate the growing interest of the world and professional community in the Tatarstan festival’, commented Ruslan Shigabutdinov, the head of the press service of the festival. ‘I think that the new focus of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival on Arab, Eastern and European countries via strengthening professional ties with the filmmakers of these regions and initiating cooperation agreements are definitely helping to promote the image of the festival abroad’.

Kazan Muslim Film Festival has been establishing partnerships with international film festivals with similar concepts since 2017. In 2018, cooperation agreements were signed with the Aswan Women Film Festival (Egypt). In 2018, new cooperation agreements with International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (Switzerland) and Turkic World Documentary Film Festival (Turkey), Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival (Egypt), Eurasia Film Festival (Kazakhstan) and the International Festival of Cinema, Religion and Society (Italy). The cooperation will involve joint events and screenings, as well as presentations and special programmes, creative meetings and workshops.