Meeting with Marat Basharov and the creators of 'Mullah'
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Meeting with Marat Basharov and the creators of 'Mullah'

7 September 2018

On September 5 after the screening of the film ‘Mullah’ a meeting with the team of the film was held within the framework of the 14 th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. The meeting was attended by an actor Ramil Fazleev, music author and producer Marat Akhmetshin, an actor Marat Basharov, a director Amir Galiaskarov, an actress Guzel Gafarova and a cameraman Yuri Danilov.


It is necessary to mention that the Interest in this new Tatarstan film inspired by a work of a Tatar writer Tufan Minnullin was quite high: an additional screening was also arranged in other hall in addition to the main venue. The film crew visited both venues to meet spectators.

The organising committee of the festival presented traditional Tatar shoes to Marat Basharov, which the actor immediately put on and this was not the only one surprise of the evening. Mullah has recently received several awards at Orenburg International Film Festival, Russia. Milyausha Aituganova gave the prizes of the festival (grand-prix and best male acting) to the team.


Spectators of the film expressed their gratitude and admitted the excellent work of the whole team. Marat Basharov also noted that he would like to come to Tatarstan more often to play in the films produced in the region. ‘in Mullah, I played in Russian, but I hope that in next works we will speak our native language, Tatar’ added the actor.

Photos can be viewed here