Creative Meeting with Oleg Taktarov held at 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival
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Creative Meeting with Oleg Taktarov held at 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival

26 April 2019

The creative meeting with a Russian and American actor, a producer, a famous athlete and a world champion in mixed martial arts, Oleg Taktarov, was held at the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival.

The actor showed the scenes from ‘Oleg Taktarov’ documentary. The film is about the transformation of a successful sports career into the dream of becoming an actor and is currently in the production stage. According to Oleg Taktarov, it is a rare situation, and he personally is not familiar with people, who would make the same professional transition successfully.

‘Sometimes you think how I managed to do everything, to be everywhere, as if I had lived several lives. At the same time, it seems that all this was left behind. You think, what's next? And, then, nothing. Each time you invent something new, some plans appear, you light up, and you live by it. It is very difficult to break this habit’, shared his impressions Oleg Taktarov.

The participants of the creative meeting reminded the actor of his words said the day before during the screening of the film by Alexei Petrukhin, The Last Trial, about the ‘holy profession of a teacher’ and asked him to tell more about his Sambo coach. Oleg Taktarov said that he started his trainings at the age of 10, and since this moment, his life has dramatically changed.

‘A teacher doesn't have to shout. He or she can stand next to a student, and a person suddenly starts running and jumping better than others. During the performances I knew that his eyes were always following each of my moves, so I was always ashamed to lose. If a person found his/her teacher in childhood, this could be one of the greatest blessings in life’, said Oleg Taktarov and introduced an honoured coach of the Russian Federation, Vitaliy Mikhaylov, to the participants of the meeting.

Oleg Taktarov also implements several projects in Russia, as the detective TV series, ‘The Island of Doomed (to be released soon), where he played the leading cast. ‘This is not a typical project for my acting career. It began with the fact that I announced on the Internet a competition of synopses and received 5 thousand applications. There was a requirement that the martial arts should not be the main focus and only one scenario met this requirement’, said Oleg Taktarov.

The actor also spoke about BRIDGE OF ARTS International Festival of Motivational Films that he is leading. The festival is held annually in Rostov-on-Don. ‘We are planning to hold this festival in other regions, and I would like to implement it in Kazan as well. I learned how the Kazan Muslim Film Festival is organised here. I think, that a new festival with a different focus on the motivating films especially for children and teenagers, would be met well in Kazan’, noted Oleg Taktarov.