Assol Moldokmatova: If Russia has Pushkin, Kyrgyzstan has Aitmatov
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Assol Moldokmatova: If Russia has Pushkin, Kyrgyzstan has Aitmatov

6 September 2018

A Kyrgyz TV presenter, actress and fashion designer Assol Moldokmatova opened a special retrospective program of the 14th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival devoted to the films inspired by the works of Chingiz Aitmatov. The program is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of this outstanding writer.


‘If Russia has Pushkin, then Kyrgyzstan has Aitmatov’, said Assol Moldokmatova. She also noted the international importance of Aitmatov's works that were translated into 170 languages in over 100 countries with several dozens films shot basing on them. ‘Aitmatov is an epoch-making personality, comparable to a spiritual leader, who spoke with the communities via his works. His characters make us lighter, smarter, more humane and tolerant’, added Assol Moldokmatova.


Assol Moldokmatova told about two films screened on the first day of the festival: Mother Earth (1967, by G. Bazarov) and Sayakbay. The Homer of the 20th Century (f2017 by E. Abdyjaparov). The presentation was attended by Marat Jantelaw who plays the role of the narrator of the Kyrgyz epic of Samba.

The following films based on the works of Chingiz Aitmatov will be presented as a part of the retrospective during the festival: Spotted Dog Running at the Edge of the Sea (1990), Jamilya (1969), Mankurt (1990), Farewell, Gyulsara! (1968), Mother Earth (1967) and The White Ship (1976).