16 projects are included in the shortlist of the KIMFF International Pitching of film projects
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16 projects are included in the shortlist of the KIMFF International Pitching of film projects

22 August 2022

Shortlist of participants in the International Pitching of film projects within the XVIII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival has been announced. This year the list is extended, and instead of the promised 10 projects, 16 works were included in the program. Out of 56 applications participants from Egypt, Turkey, India, Spain, Germany, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russian regions were selected.

“When selecting the projects, we focused on those containing the ideas of peacemaking, religious tolerance, as well as promoting such universal human values as family, love, friendship, devotion, hard work. As we announce that Tatarstan is ready to make films in co-production in order to further expand the distribution zone, the priority was projects focused on joint production”, told the executive director of the XVIII KIMFF Milyausha Aituganova.

Projects of different topics and genres are included in the pitching shortlist. Egypt, for instance, suggests sport drama about female footballers, who fight for right to participate in the championships. Turkey focuses on perception of the world by the different generations. Indian film script offers to show the audience behavior of four different people who have learnt about upcoming apocalypse.

Stories dedicated to the lives of famous people were also suggested. For instance, Uzbekistan announced its desire to make a film together with Tatarstan about the Tatar theologian, philosopher and historian Shigabutdin Marjani. The Lebanese author also addressed to the topic of the religious tolerance.

Kazakhstani and Russian cinematographers developed an interesting project about the confrontation between the totalitarian regime and the unconquered human. The main character, who was born in harmony with nature and cultivated the highest spiritual values in herself, will have to endure hell and high water – hunger, exile, death of dear and close people… But her spirit will remain unbroken and she will say her decisive word.

We remind that, the main tasks of the International pitching of film projects is the stimulation of the development of joint with the Republic of Tatarstan film production in the regions of Russia, including participation of foreign countries. Also, it is aimed at finding new names in cinematography world.

According to the presentation, there will be created a database of cinematographers from Russian regions and foreign countries, and in the course of pitching work filmmakers will get acquainted with producers and directors interested in joint film projects. Pitching becomes an opportunity for talented filmmakers to implement their creative ideas, as experts from all over the world, who can support the project they like, will take part in its work.

More than that, according to the results of the International pitching, the winner who will be awarded cash prize of 500 000 rubles will be selected. The award is established by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

We remind that, according to the results of the first pitching in 2019, two films were made: based on the novel by Galimjan Ibragimov "Almachuar" the film “Tarlan” in co-production with Kazakhstan and Tatar-Uzbek production "Sumbul" based on the work of Zifa Kadyrova "Sagynyrsyn - min bulmam".

The defense of projects will be held at the Kazan State Institute of Culture on September 9. Registration of participants will start at 10 a.m.

The XVIII Kazan International Muslim Festival will be held from September 7 to 11 with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and in partnership with the Strategic vision group “Russia – Islamic world”.