10 films for the program “Russia – Islamic world” of Kazan Film Festival 2021 are announced
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10 films for the program “Russia – Islamic world” of Kazan Film Festival 2021 are announced

3 August 2021

Fairy tale motifs, historical concept, extremism and ethical conflicts – the program is ready to surprise sophisticated audience again.

The corresponding program of the strategic vision group "Russia –Islamic World" within the framework of the XVII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, with which the film forum annually cooperates, became known.

For the KIMFF 2021 the program is prepared by well-known film expert Sergey Anashkin. It includes 10 films from Asian countries, Africa and Europe. As the expert noted, the universal topic of all films is the conflict of traditional values and modern trends. The greater part of films included in the program are the participants of international film festivals.

In films “The mountain song” the action of which takes place in the Southern part of Indonesian Sulawesi island and “Skin” shot in Iran in Turkic language one can distinguish “fairy tale” motifs. Both are based on folklore stories which came to us since the beginning of time reflecting ancient, pre-Islamic traditions and beliefs.

On different historical and temporal material the problem of transformation of values of the traditional Islamic family is put forward in films “Ulbolsyn” (Kazakhstan) and “2000 songs of Farida” (Uabekistan).

The films “Milkmaid” (Nigeria) and “The dogs didn’t sleep last night” present the conflict of freedom-loving personality with repressive norms imposed by extremists.

Ethical conflicts – the study of stereotypes of masculinity and reflections about women’s rights are the basis of several films. These are “Mauser” (Turkey), “Drown” (Iran), “Open door” (Albania) and “The lake” (Kyrgyzstan).


XVII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will take place in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan since September 5 to 10. The winners will be chosen by the jury formed of qualified filmmakers from 10 countries of the world – from Sweden to India.

The applications for participation in Kazan Film Festival were accepted from February 1 to June 1 this year. Within the framework of the application campaign 600 applications from 45 countries of the world were received. The competition program is formed by the Selection Committee under the guidance of the Kazakh film expert and critic, the President of Kazakhstan Film Critics Association Gulnara Abikeeva.

This year the films of the Kazan International Film Festival will be shown in “Rodina” and “Mir” movie theaters. The opening ceremony of the biggest film forum of Tatarstan will take place on September 5 in Kazan Town Hall, and the closing ceremony – on September 10 in KRK “Pyramid”. Apart from the competition program the audience will also see non-competition and parallel programs.

The Festival has been held in the capital of Tatarstan since 2005. The program contains films of local and foreign cinematography, that call for tolerance, peace and justice (regardless the author’s religion). The motto of the festival – “From the dialogue of cultures - to the culture of dialogue”.

XVII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival will traditionally be held with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov in the partnership with strategic vision group “Russia – Islamic world”. The founders of the festival are the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation.