The winners
XII Kazan International Festival Of Muslim Cinema

2016 5-11 september

The winners

Best full-lengh feature film «Immortal» the director Hadi Mohagheg

The best director of the full-lengh feature film «Dyesegoy Numen», the film director Sergey Potapov

The best screenplay of the full-lengh feature film «No one’s child», the screenwriter Vuk Rshumovich

The best full-lengh documentary «I want to be a king», the director Mehdi Gangy

The best short-length film «Ata Beiyt» (the film director: Alizhan Asirov) and «Z/K» (the film director: Ruslan Valeev)

The best cameraman of the full-length film «Immortal»,the film director: Rouzbach Rayga

The best actor for full length feautre film: «Redha». The actors: Haritslz Hazigh, Izzy Rif, Hamiron

The best actress of the full-length film «Norzhmaa». The actress: Badema

The best animation film «Dolesu». The director: Alena Rebezova

The best film in the nomination «Russis young»‘: «Mother» (the director: Kirill Pletnev) & «Peronal affair» (the director: Andrey Noskov)

Special prize of the city’s mayor The film:«Marzhany Misque». For the history of expressed traditions. The director: Renat Habibullin

Special prize the guild of flm critics of Russia. The film:»Redha» (the director: Tunku Mona Riza)

The diplomas of the guild film critics of Russia. The film: «Madman’s Conspiracy»

For creative solidarity and attention to the fate of free artist. The director: Algys Arlauskas. Almohannad Kalthoum