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Song of the Tree Won the Grand Prix of the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival

30 April 2019

‘Song of the Tree’ (Kyrgyzstan, Russia) directed by Aibek Dayyrbekov won the Grand Prix of the 15th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. The winner was announced today at the closing ceremony of the anniversary edition of the festival in Kazan.

The celebration was opened by the welcoming speech of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, the chair of the organizing committee of the festival Leila Fazleeva, who recalled that this year the festival was held in conjunction with the Russia - Islamic World: KazanSummit 2019 International Economic Summit. She also awarded the director of the Kazan Kremlin Museum-Reserve, ex-Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Zilya Valeeva for her great contribution to the development of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival.


The Prize of the President of Tatarstan for Humanism in Cinema Arts was awarded to the representatives of ‘Find Faride’ (Iran) directed by Azad Mussavi and Kurush Atai.

The head of the Department of Culture of the Kazan Executive Committee Azat Abzalov awarded the Prize of the Mayor of Kazan to ‘Baygal’ directed by Ildar Yagafarov (Tatarstan, Russia) as well as the special prize of the Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Cinematographers for the Republic of Tatarstan to Emir Zolondinov.

The Prize of the Guild of Film Critics of Russia was awarded to ‘Sincerely yours, Dhaka’ (Bangladesh) directed by Abu Shahid Imon. Another Prize of the Guild, White Elephant, was awarded to ‘Song of the Tree’ (Kyrgyzstan).

The representative of the Russia - Islamic World Strategic Vision Group Marina Vladimirova presented the Prize for the Dialogue of Cultures in the Islamic World to the representative of ‘Mabata Bata’ (Mozambique, Portugal) directed by Sol de Carvalho.

Davlatnazar Khudonazarov, a filmmaker from Tajikistan, the chairman of the jury of the 8th Kazan Muslim Film Festival awarded the authors of the films ‘Courtesy’ (Egypt) and ‘La Primavera’ (Tatarstan) the festival diplomas as well as presented the Audience Choice Award to the authors of the ‘Soupa Modo’ (Kenya, Germany).

‘The festival is a big family and every year this family gets bigger. I am glad that today we have many friendly festivals that want to work with us. We made a pitching during the festival and found partners who are ready to invest in our cinema’, said the executive director of the Kazan Muslim Film Festival Milyausha Aytuganova, thanking everyone who has been involved in the festival for its 15 years of existence. She announced that the film ‘Yemen: Reporters - Children of War’ directed by Khadija Al-Salami was awarded a Special Mention by the Jury.

The Best National Film for Children award was received by a Tatarstan director Kronid Sazonov for Spider A4. Lost. The Best Short National Film was awarded to the work of Amir Salyanov ‘The Lost Path’, the Best Documentary National Film was awarded to ‘The Spiritual Springs of Tatarstan’, whereas the Best National Film award was received by Ilshat Rakhimbay for his ‘Complicated Pattern’.

‘Bright Moon’ (Nepal) directed by Abinash Bikram Shah won the award for the Best Short Feature Film. The award for the Best Short Documentary was received by ‘Teacher’ (Kyrgyzstan) and the award for the Best Full-Length Documentary went to ‘Beloved’ (Iran) by Yaser Talebi.

The Best Actress award was presented to Ilaha Khasanova for her role in ‘Pomegranate Garden’ (Azerbaijan), whereas Emir Hadzhikhafizbegovich received the award of the Best Actor for his role in ‘Toad’ (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia).

The Best Camerawork Award went to Yuri Danilov for Baygal (Tatarstan, Russia), the Best Script Award was received by Bakhtiyor Karimov for ‘Tesnina’ (Tajikistan).

Concluding the closing ceremony, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova highlighted the achievements of the festival and presented the award for the Best Director to the representatives of ‘Grain’ (Turkey) directed by Semih Kaplanoglu.

The chair of the jury of the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival Serik Aprimov thanked the organizers and the participants of the festival for their work and announced the winner of the Grand Prix for the best feature film, which became ‘Song of the Tree’ (Kyrgyzstan, Russia) directed by Aibek Dayyrbekov.

The celebration ended by the hymn of the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival.

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