Regulations of the

XVII Kazan International Muslim Film Festival




The XVI Kazan International Muslim Film Festival (hereafter – the Festival) is the competition of feature, documentary and animated films, reflecting universal spiritual and moral values, cultural traditions, bringing the ideas of peacemaking, tolerance and humanism, regardless national and confessional affiliation.

The motto of the Festival – «Through the dialogue of cultures to the culture of dialogue».

The Festival carries out educational, aesthetic and spiritual mission and positively contributes to the development of Russian culture.


II. organizers of the festival


The founders of the Festival are – the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan (hereafter – the Ministry), Centralized Muslim religious organization the Council of Muftis of Russia (hereafter – Council of Muftis), Executive Committee of municipal education of Kazan (hereafter – Executive Committee).

The organizer of the festival is State budgetary institution of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan «Tatarkino» (hereafter – GBUK RT «Tatarkino»), together with Regional department of the All-Russian public organization “Cinematographers Union of the Russian Federation” of the Republic of Tatarstan.

GBUK RT «Tatarkino» performs the functions of the Festival directorate (hereafter – Directorate), including organizational, logistical, information and legal and other support of all the activities of the Festival.

         The place and duration of the Festival:

         Place – Kazan city, Republic of Tatarstan.

         The terms – from 5 to 10 September, 2021.

         The Festival is managed by the following bodies:

The supreme body of the Festival is organizational committee for its preparation and holding (hereafter — the Committee).

The Ministry provides financial support of all Festival activities, coordination and control of the preparation and holding the Festival, represents the interests of the Festival organizers in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and other stakeholder structures regarding the issues, concerning its preparation and holding.

The Council of Muftis, Executive Committee the Directorate with organizational assistance, assistance in holding the events to collect sponsorship and charitable funds by making official appeals on their own behalf.

Procedure of conducting the Festival, conditions of participation, films selection criteria and entries submission deadline, awards and diplomas are defined by the regulations of the Festival (hereafter – the Regulations).

GBUK RT “Tatarkino” prepares the project of the Festival Regulations which is approved by the Ministry.

GBUK RT “Tatarkino” negotiates the events program, the competition and out-of-competition films program, special films program, the number of honored guests, selecting committee membership (hereafter – the Selecting Committee), the International jury membership (hereafter – the jury), the scripts and the procedure of solemn opening and closing ceremonies, issues of protocol matter, prizes, diplomas drafts, design-market of all printed products, souvenirs products, venues of holding the solemn opening and closing ceremonies, business program, film screenings, drafts of decoration of the venues with the Committee. GBUK RT “Tatarkino” in obligatory order informs the Ministry of all unforeseen situations occurring during the preparation, holding and ending the Festival.


III. Financing


The Festival is financed from the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan, allocated to the Ministry, sponsorship funds, funds received from the tickets sales and other sources in coordination with the Ministry.

Any organization which supports the aims and tasks and takes part in its financing, organization and holding can be the sponsor of the Festival.

Budget financing of the Festival is carried out by the Ministry.


IV. Festival program


The program of the Festival consists of competition and out-of-competition programs, which full-length feature, short-length feature, animated, full-length and short-length documentary films can take part in.

Russian and foreign films, reflecting universal spiritual and moral values and cultural traditions, carrying the ideas of peacemaking, tolerance and humanism in accordance with the main nominations of the Festival, selected by the Committee are included in the competition program of the Festival.

The criteria of selecting films participating in the competition program:

- originality of the screenplay’s idea, development of the characters and scenario moves;

- implementation of the author’s idea and integrity of the work perception;

- compliance of the expressive means of the films with the author’s idea and principles of the Festival;
- originality and justification of the use of technical means and special effects.

Out-of-competition program presents the audience the best examples of Russian feature, documentary and animated films, retrospective and thematic programs.

Within the Festival meetings with the audience, round tables, press-conferences, investment-presentational venue for film festivals-partners of the Festival, business platform of the Festival and other events are held.


The business platform of the Festival is the territory of unity of the specialists in the sphere cinema, education, film industry, producers, representatives of film festivals-partners, film forums, international film organizations, experts and opinion leaders. The business platform of the Festival provides conditions for project realization and signing the agreements in the field of cinema.




Those willing to submit a film for participation in the Festival should officially inform the Directorate of it not later than June 1, 2021.

The selection of films for the participation in the Festival is carried out by the Committee no later than July 1, 2021. The screening program of the Festival (hereafter – the screening program) is defined by the GBUK RT “Tatarkino”. Films created no early than 2019 are allowed to the Festival.

After publishing the screening program on the official web-site of the Festival http://kazan-mfmk.com no corrections are allowed.

In competition and non-competition programs of the Festival films in the following formats: mp4, dcp. are accepted. Films selected in competition screening are submitted to the Directorate no later than August 1, 2021.

Completed entry-form for each submitted film (annex to these Regulations) confirming the participation in the Festival should be accepted by the Directorate in                e-format no later than August 1, 2021. Along with the notification on participation addressed to the Directorate the following documents should be submitted:

-         full text of the film in original or in one of the following languages: Russian or English;

-         list of subtitles in Russian or English:

a) abstract, promotion materials, press kit in Russian or English;

         b) advert video or film shots in mp4, dcp formats;

         c) materials for the catalogue in Russian or English (information about the filmmakers, photos, including the photo of the director, film slides).

         In case the film is included in competition program, the participant must submit the list of subtitles in Russian until August 1, 2021.

Appealing for the participation in the Festival, the right holder transfers the rights to the film for participation in the Festival free of charge, what implies the film screening:

- during the press screenings before the Festival starts;

- in the cinemas of Kazan within the Festival program during the Festival;

         - after the Festival completion in the cinemas of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan within the action «Echo of Kazan International Muslim Film Festival».

         “Echo of Kazan International Muslim Film Festival” is a film event held after the Festival completion aimed at promotion of the Festival ideas and attracting additional attention of the audience towards the films-winners and film-participants of the Festival.

- texts and shotes from the films will be used for publication in the catalogue, on the festival web-site and for mass-media in terms of functioning of the Festival.

- including the film shots in local national and International TV programs and in informative-communication net Internet for Festival promotion.

Applications for media accreditation are accepted by the Directorate strictly till August 1, 2021. The completed accreditation forms confirming the participation in the Festival should be received by the Directorate no later than August 15, 2021.

All expenses, related with the presence of informational agencies representatives in the Festival, are covered by sending organization.

Return of recordings of films submitted for selection, but not included in the Festival program is not carried out to the owners.

Return of recordings of films is a right, but not an obligation of GBUK RT «Тatarkino».

The dress-code of the Festival during the solemn opening and closing ceremonies of the Festival as well as of solemn dinners implies:

-         for women - high-necked dinner dresses;

-         suits – for men.





GBUK RT «Tatarkino» decides on the invitation of the participants (right-holders, producers, submitted a film for participation in the Festival), the guests (specially invited persons for participation in the Festival) and jury members and terms of their stay in the Festival.

For each participant of the Festival the Organizator guarantees the following:

- free travel by railway or economy class air flight. Terms of air flight are negotiated personally;

- meet at the railway station and airport terminal in Kazan;

- organization of departure;

- hotel accommodation. Additional services (room service, mini-bar and other hotel services are paid by the guest himself);

- meal;

- providing with a presentation package, including films catalogue, the Festival program, invitation cards.

         Guarantees set in this part apply to no more than one person (the director, the producer, one of the lead actors):

- presenting the film in “Full-length feature” program;

- presenting the film in “Full-length documentary” program”;

- presenting the film in “Short-length documentary” program.

         After purchasing tickets, the exchange of tickets for the jury members, participants and guests of the Festival is not carried out.

Conditions under which the GBUK RT "Tatarkino" has the right to refuse a participant of the Festival:

- in case if there is no written confirmation of participation in the Festival before August 1, 2021;

- in case of the visa is not confirmed before August 15, 2021.

The guarantees provided by this part are provided only to the persons specified in this section.




1. Grand-prix «The best full-length feature film» (is awarded to the producer or the director)                                                                                                                 

2. For the best film direction of the full-length feature film.

3. For the best screenplay of the full-length feature film

4. For the best camera work of the full-length feature film

5. For the best actor in the full-length feature film

6. For the best actress in the full-length feature film

7. For the best short-length feature film

8. For the best full-length documentary film

9. Prize-statuette for the best short-length documentary film.


VIII.Special prizes of the festival


According to the Jury’s suggestion within the Festival the following prizes are given to nominees for which are determined by the founders of the prizes:

1.       Special prize of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan «For humanism in Cinematography» implies cash allowance of 500 000 rubles and is handed in by the representative of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan;

2.       Prize of the Mayor of Kazan, Guild of film experts and film critics of Russia, Special mention of the Jury implies statuette award.

3.       Audience choice award – 1 prize with the Diploma and 2 additional diplomas.


IX. NAtional competition


In the National competition the Committee selects 10 best films made in the Republic of Tatarstan, about the Republic of Tatarstan or with the participation of the Republic of Tatarstan (co-production). The National competition has a competition program status of the Festival, the winners are awarded by the statuette-prize, diplomas.

         National competition has the following nominations and prizes:

1. Best National film (200 000 rubles);

2. Best national documentary film (100 000 rubles);

3. Best national short-length film (100 000 rubles);

4. Best national film for children (100 000 rubles);



X. Jury


The competition programs are evaluated by the Jury members, the membership of which is formed by the Ministry. The jury membership is formed by experts in the field of cinema (film producers, film directors, screenwriters, actors, cameramen, composers, film experts, film critics) etc.

The Jury of the Festival consists of 10 members-representatives of different countries of the world including the chairman. The chairman of the Jury has 2 votes when voting.

Those related to the production and promotion of films participating in the competition programs cannot be members of the Jury.





Participation in the Festival implies compliance with all the clauses of these Regulations. The Regulations are made in Russian. Submitting an application for participation in the Festival, providing the Directorate with the film copy means that the person, signed the application, agrees to all terms of these Regulations and application for the participation.
















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XVII Kazan International

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