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Directors of short documentaries are impressed by the organization the Kazan Muslim Film Festival

27 April 2019

The directors of the short documentary films participating in the competition programme of the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival, including Arsen Arakelyan (Armenia); Fariza Zhahanova (Kazakhstan); and Milan Mayar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), shared their impressions on the event at the press-conference held today in Riviera Complex.

The press-conference began with the short presentation of the films:

Milana Mayar, the director of ‘Beyond the Sanity’ told that her film is dedicated to the difficult fate of the family of Syrian Christians that sells their property to pay smugglers and leave the country. ‘My film is an emotional military drama that describes the lives of people, how and what they sacrificed to avoid the war’, commented Milana Mayar. After the shooting and editing of the film, Milan Maiar lost sleep for a month, as the images of the war stock in her memory. The film "Beyond the Sanity" has already won 18 awards.

Fariza Zhakhanova presented a short documentary ‘Heritage of Ancestors’, which she directed. It tells about a man, who lives in the village and makes cradles for children. ‘This is one of Kazakh traditions, which is now disappearing, as due to technical innovations, Kazakh women no longer use cradles’, she said. In order to make the film more realistic, the film crew lived in the house of the film’s hero. ‘There were no staged scenes, everything was captured as in reality’, commented Fariza Zhahanova.

Arsen Arakelyan dedicated his documentary, ‘Through the Mirror’, to blind people, who perceive the works of art in a different way. ‘This is a film about people, who see differently: better and deeper. You can't hide anything from them’, he said.

At the end of the meeting, the guests said that they were impressed by both Kazan Film Festival and Tatarstan.