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Maya-Gozel Aimedova and Khojakuli Narliev held a meeting at the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival

27 April 2019

The creative meeting with a Turkmen actress, a People’s Artist of the USSR and the chairman of the Jury Board of the 2018 edition of the festival, Maya-Gozel Aimedova, and her husband, a Soviet film director, scriptwriter and cameraman, Khojakuli Narliev, was held at the 15th Kazan Muslim Film Festival. The participates of the meeting enjoyed the film The Voice of Mother, directed by Narliev in 2010.

‘I am happy to be in Tatarstan. Everywhere, we communicate with the inhabitants and the guests of Kazan and receiving a lot of warm emotions and energy. I would like to wish you good health, good luck and prosperity’, said Maya-Gozel Aimedova, greeting the participants.

The melodrama, The Voice of Mother, presents a tragic forced separation of the woman from her child in Ossetia. 

‘In this film, we are touching the issue of motherhood. The main character of the film, have to hide her pregnancy as this violates the established rules in her society. Instead of getting support, she is receiving public shame’, commented Narliev.

The guests compared the development of cinematography in Soviet and modern periods, highlighting that it became more difficult to organize shooting process or to find a producer. The director admitted that he is currently developing several scenarios that he hopes to implement.

‘I think that in general, we should try to work with local and regional cinematography, safeguarding our culture and traditions’, noted Khojakuli Narliev.